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How Do Some Businesses Succeed in Growing to the Next Level?

Founder of aQetas, Dr. Paul Howard is an expert on growing a professional services business. In this fascinating podcast, he looks at how measurement can be used to drive success. But, he also argues, at the end of the day “businesses aren’t about numbers – they are about people.”

The most important thing is having a shared vision which is communicated across the company and which is expressed in terms of helping customers. Performance measurement can’t be used as a stick to beat people with or they won’t comply with it.

Used intelligently, measurement is a tool for guiding effort to the areas where it can achieve the most effect. Howard points out how challenging growth is: “If you look at small and medium business, of one million only 4% grow to medium, of that only 4 % grow to large.”

An expanding business has to adopt different ways of management, leadership, structure, process, discipline or it will stall, Howard explains. “You have to focus on what matters. It’s an ‘operational whirlwind’. It is hard to focus on a few things that make a difference.”

“Measurement helps you do that. You have to define success. How do you know you got there?” Howard concludes: “It’s a journey. It’s a relatively long journey, not something you can achieve overnight.”

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