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The easy to use, real-time access to reliable data has been the biggest change Kimble has brought to the business.

Steve Watmough, CEO, Mason Advisory

Mason Advisory is a UK-based IT advisory firm with clients around the world. While the Mason Advisory brand was launched in May 2014, the history of the company goes back to 1993.

Steve Watmough was brought on board as CEO of Mason Advisory as it separated out from Analysys Mason, part of global ICT solutions and services group Datatec.

Steve was familiar with many of the tools available, having worked in professional services for over 20 years, during which he had founded, grown and sold IT consultancy Xantus to KPMG.

Steve says:

“I’ve run businesses on a wide range of tools, from spreadsheets to specialist solutions. We wanted a standalone, affordable application that would meet the needs of a growing consultancy and provide us with the data we needed to inform our decisions for the business.”

Kimble emerged the clear winner when Steve asked peers in the industry for recommendations.

“Kimble looked ideal as it gives a single source of information. It’s more feature-rich than spreadsheets but more flexible and provides more relevant information than traditional ERP systems. The fact that it’s designed with professional services consultancies in mind really gives it the edge,” says Steve.

Mason Advisory started using Kimble in mid-2015 to manage lead generation right through to invoicing. It also selected other specialist cloud products including Xero for accounting, Huddle for document storage and collaboration, breatheHR for people and admin, plus Office 365 for email and conferencing.

Steve says:

“Separating out Mason Advisory from the rest of the group was a complicated process which naturally took time and resources. However, once this was achieved we wanted to give the business the tools it needed to grow quickly.

“We wanted to move away from using on-premise systems to the cloud, so that everyone in the business could access the same information wherever in the world they were.”

Since implementing Kimble, Mason Advisory has had much higher visibility of the business performance.

“The easy to use, real-time access to reliable data has been the biggest change Kimble has brought to the business,” says Steve. “The whole team has absolute clarity about the work schedule and we can see if we need to get more people on board to service upcoming projects, or if we need to get more sales opportunities into the pipeline to keep our team busy.

“I think that people tend to hit targets when they know what they are aiming for and how they’re tracking against them. I enjoy running, but if the other runners in the race were invisible then I wouldn’t push myself as hard. Kimble shows you where you are at any point in the race and if you need to speed up to make it across that finish line.”

Kimble has helped speed up the process of invoicing which has increased cash collection and also reduced the amounts languishing on work in progress. Debtor days are down and cash collection has improved.

It has also contributed to lower operating costs in the business, which has led to increased profits.

“Kimble has helped impose discipline to the way we work which has had a very positive knock-on effect throughout the business. It supports the organization’s culture of openness and transparency and we can now look forward, rather than backwards, when making decisions about the business,” finishes Steve.

With Kimble, Mason Advisory is able to:

  • Manage entire delivery process from lead generation to invoicing
  • Increase visibility into business performance
  • Access to real-time and up-to-date information

Business Benefits

  • Increased data confidence with one source of truth
  • Enabled quick business growth
  • Sped up invoicing and cash collection process

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