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Mansion House Consulting: Scaling Without Increasing Cost

Jonathan Want, Chief Technology Officer, Mansion House Consulting

At Mansion House Consulting (MHC), a leading international business and technology consultancy focused exclusively on the financial services sector, adopting Kimble PSA has had “a great positive impact on business performance,” according to Chief Technology Officer Jonathan Want.

Return on investment in Kimble has been “massive”, enabling the change management specialists to continue to grow its global business without increasing back office headcount.

MHC now has offices in cities across  Europe, the USA and Asia-Pac delivering solutions and services to a base of Tier One clients,  including some of the leading names within the financial services industry.

Jonathan said one of the key benefits of Kimble has been the “ability to scale without increasing cost. We have been able to reduce back office headcount – without Kimble we would never have been able to do that.”  Though they are now adding to this team again “because of the extent to which business is growing”, the number of consultants who can be supported in the field by each person in the back office has increased “significantly”.

Kimble is also credited with improving business culture at MHC, with collaboration made easier by access to a shared, real-time source of accurate data.

Previously, MHC relied on manual spreadsheets, Sharepoint lists and minor automation tools. This lack of a consistent data source meant getting a consistent view of a particular problem was “very difficult.” Jonathan said: “Now we have Kimble, one data source,  everything is coming out of the same place and it is so much easier to manage information.”

MHC uses Kimble to enable more effective delivery of services. All engagements are run through Kimble, which is the core record-keeping system of the business. Kimble is also used to track where consultants are working, and to monitor PO cover, making extensive use of Kimble’s change order functionality and monitoring which POs are outstanding and which are running out.

Kimble is used throughout the business on a daily basis, whether by the back office team or consultants on the road, inputting timesheets on the web or mobile app. Jonathan said: “Kimble is easy to use, it is intuitive, you can follow a process from start to finish.”