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Managing Consulting Teams in a Technology Business

Managing a high performing professional services (PS) team in a specialist consulting firm is hard enough. But achieving this within a PS team within a technology firm, where selling hardware or software is the primary focus of the company can be even more challenging.

This webinar will highlight the different challenges facing those who run teams in specialist PS firms and those who run PS teams within a technology firm and discuss best practices for overcoming them. It will provide practical advice on how to make improvements in your team’s performance, the level of understanding and consistency between sales and delivery, the effectiveness of the entire organization and customer satisfaction.

Whether you are running a services team for the first time or have done so for many years this 50-minute webinar will help you assess how well you deliver your service and enable you to identify ways to elevate in the future.

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About The Speaker

Shane Anastasi

Shane Anastasi brings twenty years of learning from managing professional services teams in IBM, Vignette, BigMachines, and Salesforce.com to a topic that many professional services executives struggle to find the time to adequately address. His experience includes best practice from roles spanning sales, delivery, and operational management. He is also the author of ‘The Seven Principles of Professional Services,’ a book that is fast becoming the standard for professional services consultant development and training.