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Kainos Triples in Size After Introducing Kimble

Award-winning IT consultancy Kainos has more than tripled in size since introducing Kimble. It now has operations in four countries in Europe, and recently established a base in the US. In July 2015 the company became one of only two Northern Irish companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The company’s management decided to move to PSA in 2012  because they identified the potential for growth and wanted to introduce systems to support that. They chose Kimble because they needed an efficient management tool that tracked sales opportunities through to engagement delivery.

Group Head of Finance, Peter McKeown said: “Kimble is the tool we use to monitor the pulse of the business. It’s now part of life at Kainos – it’s the first thing people turn on in the morning, and the one system that everyone relies on whether they are in sales or delivery.”

Kimble has been used to maintain control of the business as it has grown. The majority of information about performance comes from Kimble PSA: utilization, effective rates, sales pipeline or revenue forecasting. – most of the metrics used to run the business. Kainos also uses the embedded augmented intelligence to support devolved accountability and decentralize decision making. Business unit managers are responsible for making decisions about their own areas, while at the same time sharing information about Group-wide performance through Kimble.

Peter McKeown, said: “Kimble is a very powerful system. It allows me to capture a huge amount of relevant and timely data. Our business units now have much more operational visibility and control, and we’ve adapted Kimble to support each one of them.”

Kainos also relies on Kimble for accurate forecasts.  Quarterly estimates are now 98% accurate, with little monthly variability. Operational Intelligence Manager, Noel Kelly, said: “Kimble is critical for us in planning. We are able to see what is coming towards us a lot more clearly than we used to.”