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Kimble has allowed people to develop their own capabilities and their own effectiveness in the roles that they’re in.

Ambrose Krumpe, CFO Intersys Consulting Inc

Leading data management, business intelligence and analytics specialist Intersys moved to Kimble PSA from NetSuite OpenAir in 2017.

The business needed a Professional Services Automation solution that was embedded with Salesforce CRM, in order to better connect sales and delivery teams across a fast-growing organization.

“Our main requirement was to get everybody on the same page. We wanted the sales team, delivery management team, client success directors and solution architects to have a complete view of every engagement, from lead to invoicing, at their fingertips,” CFO Ambrose Krumpe explained.

Kimble has helped Intersys improve business performance in a number of areas. Utilization has gone up. Invoices are sent out more quickly. Business leaders have visibility of KPIs and of the activity that leads to strong performance. And employees across the organization are more successful in their roles.

Using Kimble, Intersys has moved to a weekly billing cycle. Krumpe said:

“We’re able to generate our invoices very quickly. We can often times turn around our invoicing in 36 to 48 hours from the end of a period which allows us to shave that time directly off of our sales outstanding”.

Using Kimble, Intersys is able to

  • Create engagements directly from sales opportunities
  • Automate and monitor hand-offs from sales to delivery
  • Keep everyone on the same page
  • Send out invoices sooner
  • Understand the impact of current activities on the business

Business benefits

  • Improved cashflow
  • Improved utilization
  • Improved performance

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