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I can look out two to three months ahead and get a clear and accurate picture of our revenue by project and business unit.

Matt Cooksley, COO, Makepositive

Since implementing Kimble Applications three years ago, award-winning cloud technology firm Makepositive has more than doubled in size and plans to double again from 100 to 200 staff by the middle of 2018. With Kimble’s help, the firm is on track to achieve this goal.

Using Kimble’s powerful professional services automation solution enables Makepositive to look ahead, to accurately forecast pipeline and revenue and to optimize resource utilization. And that forward-looking focus is allowing them to improve recruitment, hiring individuals with the right skills to help the company to scale.

COO Matt Cooksley said, since Kimble’s adoption, forecasts have become much more accurate.

“I can look out two to three months ahead and get a clear and accurate picture of our revenue by project and business unit. We have three kinds of projects, P1, P2, P3. P1 is confirmed revenue, and what we use to track our monthly revenue backlog, P2 is where we have verbal signoff committed to the sales team, and P3 is likely, with known resources allocated to it.”

This visibility means staff have become more accountable for the information they provide and the decisions they make. “We are much more tough on the salespeople. They quickly learn that they have to get this right.” Getting the suggested start date of a project into the system early is key to mapping the right resources against it. Utilization visibility has also improved. “I can see utilization for the next three months, by role, by location. I know what’s firm, what’s probable.”

The company is also able to make better-informed choices about recruitment.

“Our resourcing team works extremely closely with our recruitment team. They can say two months ahead, for example, that we need three more developers based in Manchester, or we need two more testers based in India, perhaps it will be four. We can hire the right people. We don’t want to hire two functional resources when we actually need two developers. This also means that our customers get the perfect teams working for them.”

Adopting Kimble PSA has enhanced the growth potential of Makepositive. “When we had 20 or 30 people we could do it all on spreadsheets. But now, at over 100, and moving to 200 over the next 18 months, that would be impossible.”

And with Kimble, Makepositive is firmly focussed on the road ahead. Cooksley said: “We now have as clear a  picture as we could possibly have regarding where we expect to be going forward.”

With Kimble, MakePositive is able to

  • Keep sales team accountable with more data visibility
  • Make more informed recruitment and hiring decisions
  • Improve confidence and accuracy of forecasting

Business Benefits

  • Doubled in size since implementing Kimble
  • More accurate forecasts
  • Optimized resource utilization
  • Increased collaboration between recruitment and resourcing teams

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