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In the past, the management team didn’t know how much revenue we were reporting until half way through the month. Now, because of Kimble, we get this number right away and we have the whole month to do something about it.

Simon Watkins, Head of service delivery at T-Impact

For digital transformation specialist T-Impact, adopting Kimble Professional Services Automation (PSA) has produced a more predictable business and improved performance.

“We are 25 to 30% more accurate in revenue forecasting on a 30, 60,90 day forecast.”
said Simon Watkins, head of service delivery.

Before bringing in Kimble – “we thought we were fully utilized, but we were not.” Billable utilization is now up, because of better visibility of resource availability. They can also make better informed recruitment decisions.

Another improvement is in sales forecast accuracy. Kimble enables the business to better predict the delivery costs, profit margins and resourcing requirements of proposed projects.

Using Kimble, they see much more quickly when projects are deviating from the forecast.

“We track baseline, forecast, and actual margin on a weekly basis. We have a much better idea of where we are burning money on projects that we shouldn’t be. ”

Kimble has reduced the time it takes to close month-end from 8 days to 1 day – it used to take the finance team over a week to close the month – and it kept them so busy that they would also generate their invoices later. Now, invoices are produced automatically throughout the month, they are paid sooner and T-Impact’s cashflow is better.

But the major advantage is the ability to make better-informed business decisions sooner. In the past, Simon said,

“we were always running about a month and a half behind. Now, we can identify a drop in revenue against forecast, identify what revenue didn’t come in, what project, what is the cause, so we can try to rectify that for the following month.”

Using Kimble PSA, T-impact is able to:


  • Track and allocate resources more proactively
  • Track the forecast and actual profitability of projects
  • Take action sooner when reality varies from the forecast
  • Recruit new resources based on a better understanding of demand
  • Challenge sales staff about optimistic forecasts
  • Generate accurate invoices automatically



  • Revenue forecasts are 25 to 30% more accurate
  • Billable utilization is significantly higher
  • Time taken to close month-end down from 8 days to 1 day
  • Invoices are submitted earlier and paid earlier
  • The management team can take better decisions more quickly

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