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We wouldn’t have been able to grow the way we have without Kimble – there would have been too much manual intervention.

Jeremy Wilson, Operations Director, ThirdSpace

Award-winning Identity and Security services provider ThirdSpace has tripled in size – and Operations Director Jeremy Wilson credits Kimble with enabling that growth.

ThirdSpace provides organizations with the control to liberate business by enabling a secure modern mobile workforce. They wanted a PSA integrated with CRM to run a Microsoft Identity and Security business that is helping them deliver on their mission.

ThirdSpace selected Kimble back in 2015: “We loved the fact that Kimble was built for our kind of organization – a professional services business”. Since then, the business has benefited from Kimble’s resource management and scheduling capability and the integration with Salesforce.

In the past, Jeremy explained:

“We used Salesforce and we had a separate time and billing system. Going from the Salesforce view to the Time and Billing system was a big air gap. We did our scheduling on spreadsheets and we felt as we grew that was going to be unsustainable.”

Adopting Kimble brought everyone onto the same page. “Previously we had effectively three different systems to do the job Kimble does on its own now.”

Before ThirdSpace – previously known as Oxford Computer Group UK – adopted Kimble, the forecasting process was also disconnected from Salesforce and based on a spreadsheet.  As a result, there were surprises both good and bad at the end of the month – “It was a bit hit and miss. We would find money down the back of the sofa at the end of the month that we weren’t expecting,”  Jeremy said.

Kimble provides a single end-to-end system which is used and shared by multiple departments: “This means everyone has an interest in getting the information right, inputting data, following it through. It is more streamlined than it used to be, the data is more accurate.” The business is now more predictable, with much more accurate forecasts, of revenue and demand – “that’s a better way to run our business.”

Kimble is central to future plans, Jeremy said.

“At ThirdSpace, we envision an environment in which every organization can unleash the full potential of the digital economy.  Aligning our business to this vision by taking an integrated digital approach through the Kimble platform is fundamental in supporting our growth.”

Using Kimble, ThirdSpace is able to:


  • Manage and allocate resources more proactively
  • Integrate CRM with sales
  • Streamline time and billing
  • Automate time-consuming manual processes



  • A shared source of accurate, real-time data
  • Time and expenses managed more effectively
  • More accurate revenue forecasts
  • More accurate demand forecasts
  • A more predictable business

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