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“Having Kimble in place means we can focus on our business instead of struggling with our IT processes. It has already allowed us to double our revenue and the payback just gets better year on year.”

Armin Iskander, CEO, Iskander

A leading consulting business in the telecommunications, media and automotive sectors, Iskander Business Partner selected Kimble PSA because CEO Armin Iskander wanted “a vendor who knew the professional services business by heart. I have never found another vendor which knows more about consulting than Kimble.”

Instead of wrestling with unwieldy spreadsheets or constantly updating homegrown IT, the business adopted Kimble and was able to double in size. Armin said “We could not have grown without putting in that IT support”.

Thanks to Kimble, business leaders can make better decisions sooner:

“Now, instead of having to rely on accounting data and gut feeling, when we make decisions, we have hard facts and figures which are focused on the future”.

Consultants can submit time and expense data efficiently; project managers have the transparency they need; the finance team can automate time-consuming manual processes, and operate easily in multiple currencies. Kimble has also enabled Iskander to achieve compliance with GDPR and other regulations without the cost of employing additional resources.

Customer support has been “impressive”, Armin said.

“The payback on Kimble gets better and better as we see what use we can make of the data we hold in the PSA. We are finding it helps us to understand our customers better.”

Using Kimble, Iskander is able to

  • Streamline time and expenses
  • Automate manual processes
  • Operate in multiple currencies
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR
  • Share information easily with customers

Business benefits

  • Controlled costs
  • Faster growth
  • Better decisions sooner

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