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We don’t want to chuck people at engagements – we want our consultants to be able to develop their skills and experience and Kimble helps us to achieve that.

Winnie Armah, Chief Operating Officer Winnie Armah, Innovation Unit

Innovation Unit, a not-for-profit management consulting firm focusing on providing innovative solutions to complex societal problems, introduced Kimble PSA in 2016. Among other things, they use it to support proactive resourcing.

COO Winnie Armah said: “We take an ethical view of how we manage our people – we try to help them to develop their careers. Kimble is an increasingly important piece of the jigsaw when it comes to managing our team constructively over the long term.”

“It is very difficult to manage resources effectively with spreadsheets. Kimble makes this easier. At a glance, we can see who is on what and how we can reallocate them. We can look ahead and plan better. This also helps with recruitment.”

When Winnie joined Innovation Unit as COO, Kimble was being used primarily for time and expense tracking. Understanding that Kimble was the key to unlocking reliable data that would give the leadership team a more concrete foundation for decision-making, Winnie led a transformation and adoption initiative. Now Innovation Unit is reaping benefits in the form of better forecasting, decreased revenue leakage and saving administrative time.

Winnie said: “Kimble has been invaluable for determining the true direction of travel for revenue especially during Covid-19. It has given us a very solid platform for financial analysis and forecasting. Now, in every leadership conversation we refer to the data in Kimble.”

With Kimble, IU is able to:

  • Keep an up to date view of capacity
  • Match resources with engagements proactively
  • Gather time and expense data swiftly
  • Produce accurate invoices
  • Recruit more effectively

Business benefits

  • More accurate forecasts
  • Improved consultant experience
  • Disciplined month-end closure

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