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Best Practice Guide: Five Steps to Getting Customers Successful Sooner

Providing a skilled team to get the customer up and running swiftly is the initial step in establishing strong customer relationships, which then translate into a great reputation and a growing business.

As soon as the customer signs the contract, the countdown starts on a measurement of return on investment. The services team has to hit the ground running if they intend to accelerate time-to-value, with customers seeing the benefit from your product as soon as possible. Product businesses which can predictably deliver benefits to customers on a tight time scale are in a strong position to grow and scale, even in a competitive marketplace.

Services leaders have to deal with a number of challenges to get customers successful as quickly as possible. They have to manage customer expectations, dealing with resistance to change and adoption as well as alterations in product scope. In this Best Practice Guide, we outline five steps businesses can take to enable professional services to accelerate time-to-value and get customers successful sooner.

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