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Five Steps To Sales Forecast Accuracy

Managing the sales process in a consulting organization requires a disciplined approach. It’s not only important what skills are being sold, but when they are needed. Any slippage in the start of an engagement may lead to lost utilization, leaked revenue, and unconsumed backlog.

Equally, rapidly expanding consulting organizations sometimes find themselves selling skills on a timescale that can’t be delivered, leading to disappointed clients.

In this webinar, Five Steps To Sales Forecast Accuracy, we illustrate how to implement a disciplined sales-forecast process that improves utilization and business performance. Through discussion and a brief demo, we show you how to:

  • Drive accountability for forecasts
  • Increase collaboration between sales and delivery
  • Build more reliable sales forecasts

A longer-term, accurate view of future demand underpins optimized resource management, business predictability, and more sustainable growth. Access the recording to understand how to put this in place for your organization.

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