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Best Practice Guide: Five Steps to Sales Forecast Accuracy

In order to accurately sell services and deliver successful projects, an accurate view of the future is an absolute must. A clear and comprehensive view into the upcoming sales pipeline is the first step in being able to successfully deliver services on-time, on-budget, and booked with the most optimal resources.

Managing the sales process in a rapidly growing organization requires a disciplined approach. It requires clear, comprehensive, and accurate data on both in-progress and future projects, proposals, resources, and financials. An accurate sales pipeline is the basis for selling projects that can actually be delivered on-time and on-budget, maximizing the billable utilization of consultants and reducing revenue leakage. Key to an accurate pipeline are tightly aligned sales and delivery teams that feed each other information about what is required for success on both sides. Even better is when this collaborative information can be shared through one source of truth, creating trustworthy, comprehensive, and accessible data for all to refer to.

In this Best Practice Guide from Kimble, we provide five simple steps to enhance sales forecasting to ultimately build a more predictable and profitable business.

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