Five Steps To More Proactive Resource Management

Consulting organizations don’t have to grow very large before resource management becomes complex, particularly in the absence of suitable processes and technology. While even managing 20 resources could present a challenge, when you have hundreds or thousands, then you really must be on your toes. • Where is each of our consultants this week? • What is the future demand by role, capability or seniority? • Who do we have that is ideal for that work, or – with help – could do it? These questions and financially critical ones like “How do I maximize utilization and project margins?” are hard to answer because of the complexity that arises from the constant flux in consulting organizations. Matching supply and demand is difficult when timescales, progress, and availability are constantly changing. It’s this flux which makes resource management for many organizations too reactive. In this webinar replay, we will describe five easy steps to better and more proactive resource management.

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