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Five Steps to Creating a Forward-Looking Culture

Consulting organizations deal with a certain amount of complexity to bill clients and to understand how the business is performing. With spreadsheet-based or homegrown systems, it often takes so much energy to work out what happened that very little time is left to take corrective action. It’s known as managing through the rearview mirror, and some of the classic signs of this situation are:

  • It takes weeks after month-end to get time cards, expenses, and invoices processed
  • Reports are delayed and the executive team spends half the meeting arguing about whether the data is wrong
  • By the time project managers are alerted about margin bleeding from their projects, it’s too late to stem the flow

Firms often turn to professional services automation (PSA) systems designed to provide timely and accurate data across resource planning, delivery management, time recording, billing, and opportunity management.

However, the potential benefits from PSA (or any enterprise software) are fully realized only when the people using them adopt industry best practices. In this 30-minute webinar replay, we will discuss five simple steps to creating a forward-looking culture, and illustrate them via a product demo.

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