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Kimble streamlines project delivery – we can see trends and track issues, risks, and deliverables all in the same place

Harold Hunt, Director of Professional Services at Esri Canda

Esri Canada’s geographic information system solutions enable informed decisions by leveraging mapping, spatial analytics, and location intelligence.

The company’s services team, responsible for driving customer success, brought in Kimble PSA to better integrate with sales and support building a 360-degree view of customers. Kimble replaced five previous systems and instead of offering only a regional view, it creates transparency across the full business.

Kimble has allowed Esri Canada to streamline project management, decentralizing decision-making and increasing accountability. Professional Services Director Harold Hunt said,

“With Kimble in place, project managers can easily go look at what projects they’re working on and how they’re performing without having to phone someone up or dig through spreadsheets.”

Kimble has provided more capability for project managers. “Now, there’s less of that siloed feeling. As a project manager, you’re in charge of doing the invoicing, you’re in charge of the time approval. It’s easier when you’re not relying on other areas of the business to complete these tasks.” With Kimble, project managers are provided with a wide range of reports and charts to monitor the health of projects and help identify those which are not going according to plan.

Harold also said that the absolute number of projects with issues has reduced by a factor of 10, due to better visibility and ease of use of Kimble for project managers to identify issues. “Projects with issues have gone down from around 20 projects to one or two a month since communication between Finance and project managers has become much better and easier than it used to be. They now receive reports which flag certain conditions and say, ‘you need to take a closer look at this’.”

Kimble was a good fit for Esri Canada, he said, because of its forward-looking focus and professional services expertise.

“The other systems we evaluated looked more like they were financial-driven systems as opposed to a professional-services-driven system.”

Using Kimble, Esri Canada is able to

  • Break down silos
  • Give project managers more capability
  • Highlight projects in danger of slipping
  • Send out invoices sooner

Business benefits

  • Stronger communication across the business
  • More projects on time and on budget
  • Enhanced view of the customer

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