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entero AG: improving business performance through increased transparency

Business and IT consultancy entero AG has two offices in Germany, with 37 employees and ten subcontractors. As the business grew, the management team recognized that it needed to restructure the way the consultancy was organized and give staff the right tools so the business could continue to thrive.

Overcoming its business hurdles

Henning Heesch, founder and CEO, explains: “I founded the business in 2000 and there came a point when we needed to reorganize our structure so that we were able to keep growing. We changed to using business units and needed to improve our ability to forecast demand.

“We’d been Salesforce customers since 2006 and, after outgrowing using spreadsheets for everything, did briefly try to design our own system on the platform. It was a kind of ‘PSA-lite’ but it was a lot more difficult than we anticipated so we decided to look for another tool we could use on the Force platform. We reviewed FinancialForce and some local tools from Germany but Kimble was much more advanced than those systems.”

Kimble was implemented in early 2015 with the new organizational structure following in March of the same year.

The outcomes for entero AG 

The benefits for entero AG have been numerous:

  • Chargeable work levels have increased 3-4 per cent as a result of the behaviour change enabled by Kimble, with consultants more empowered to look for chargeable work
  • The rates charged for work have increased as Kimble provides more transparency about the work and the value it can provide to clients
  • Improved transparency in management reporting
  • Invoicing has improved with 90 per cent of invoices going out in three days, where it previously took 10-12 days. As a result, invoices are being paid more quickly and cash flow has improved
  • Forecasting and tracking of potential new business has improved

Henning says: “Each week I’m seeing more transparency in the business and it has improved discipline in the team. Previously, things such as timesheets and invoices were managed by project managers and the partners and there were big variations in the speed with which they were submitted across the organization. Now the team understands how this impacts on the business as a whole and I can trust the numbers we use!”

The management team shares many of the figures with the rest of the organization to give them insight into overall business progress and it has helped staff to start seeing the bigger picture as to how their work contributes to the firm’s success. The improved forecasting capability also helps the management team to make more informed decisions on when recruitment needs to be undertaken.

Henning concludes: “The ability to access information immediately, rather than a week or two after the month has closed, lets us make more effective decisions for the business. I can check in on the business no matter where in the world I am and the information is current. I really feel like the business is under control and I have the right information at the right time to help us keep growing.

“The fact that Kimble is available on Force.com is also ideal as we don’t want to work with hardware and software updates, so SaaS is perfect. Kimble has given us all the processes and information needed so we can make the best decisions for the business.”