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Employee Engagement: Five Steps to Seeing the Consultant’s Eye View | Kimble Best Practice Guide 9

Consultants, other service professionals, project managers, and salespeople are expected to input information into the system, information which is vital for managers to draw on to run the business. But it is a one-way street — they can’t draw information out. This makes it more difficult for them to see the bigger picture or to evaluate their own contribution. A few ways to drive employee engagement include, but are not limited to:

  1. Communicate the Vision
  2. Create a Transparent Culture
  3. Encourage Employees to Self-Manage
  4. Use Assessment Constructively
  5. Consider Employee Experience When Managing Change

This Best Practice Guide considers the people who are at the heart of any organization and looks at the employee experience. Download the guide to read our suggested five steps to better employee engagement.

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