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Since we implemented Kimble just over three years ago, we have doubled our staff base. We couldn’t have grown as smoothly while even improving our clients’ experiences without Kimble.

Martin Yapp, Client Services Director, DMW

How does a fast growing consultancy continue to service clients to a high standard while also automating processes to free up the time of its consultants to concentrate on more high value work? That was the challenge facing DMW, a consultancy that specializes in assisting its clients in delivering complex IT projects. Founded in 1989, DMW now has around 70 staff.

Martin Yapp, Client Services Director at DMW, says:

“We were growing quickly and the spreadsheets we were using were creaking at the seams. We were spending too much time manipulating and managing data.”

DMW did not have scalability in the back office processes in place to allow it to grow efficiently, so in October 2012 began using Kimble.

“Our management team was spending a huge amount of time on simply getting information from the business. For example, they used to have to manage resourcing and forecasting using a series of complicated spreadsheets, which was not a good use of their time,” says Martin.

And even when the information was entered there was distrust about its accuracy.

Martin adds:

“Because of the errors that can be made in Excel with input data, complex formulas and multiple spreadsheets, we had to spend a lot of time checking that the information was correct. All requests had to go through a single source, for example if an engagement manager wanted to check time and expenses on a project, or monitor the P&L, they had to get this information from finance which increased people’s workloads and also slowed everything down.”

DMW has seen improvements across the business:

  • The management team has more time to concentrate on making decisions that will help improve the business
  • Invoicing now takes three to four hours – rather than three to four days – and is accurate first time
  • The entire business is now more engaged in managing sales opportunities

Martin says:

“Installing Kimble when we did allowed us to improve our service to clients while also automating many of the tiresome tasks which are necessary, but didn’t improve the business or our clients’ experience. Whereas previously effort was concentrated on simply getting information such as expenses, timesheets and P&Ls into and out of the system, it’s now a given the information is in there and correct and consultants can focus on other things. This has led to a huge change in the business: people who were previously reluctant to manage sales opportunities now have all the data they need to do this at their fingertips and can see the real value this has for the business. It’s really motivated everyone and we see Kimble as the source of truth.”

“All of our management information is now available in real-time which is a huge improvement when it comes to monitoring billings, purchase orders and expenses. We have timely information that we can trust.”

Martin is also enthusiastic about Kimble being on the platform. Says Martin: “It was a killer decision from Kimble to make their app on this platform allowing simple anywhere, anytime access and the ability to easily and quickly make configuration changes to Kimble. The fact that Kimble has the security and reputation of behind it is also reassuring.

“Since we implemented Kimble just over three years ago, we have doubled our staff base. We couldn’t have grown as smoothly while even improving our clients’ experiences without Kimble. It’s enhanced not only our delivery but the whole process across clients, from when we first begin talking to them as sales leads, to when we finish a project.”

With Kimble, DMW is able to:

  • Free up consultants time for more high-value work
  • Increase engagement with sales opportunities across entire company
  • Reduce time spent on data input and administrative tasks

Business Benefits:

  • Reduced invoicing process form three to four days to three to four hours
  • Increased data quality and accuracy
  • Moved resourcing and forecasting processes from manual input to spreadsheets

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