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One of the many great aspects of Kimble is that it fuels the business as it grows. We look forward to it powering us for many years to come.

Colin Brimson, Business Development Director and Co-Founder, d-flo

Founded in 2011, d-flo is a UK-based niche software company that automates transactional document and data flows to drive efficiencies within businesses. Given their services focus on helping clients to make their processes as efficient as possible, they wanted the same for their own business.

Being a lean operation, d-flo wanted to continue to grow without dramatically increasing the number of administrative support staff. They needed to give their consultants the tools to allow them to continue to focus on customer delivery instead of getting bogged down in administration and reporting.

Colin Brimson, business development director and co-founder, explains:

“As a software company, the last thing we wanted to do was run our business with inefficient manual processes. For the first couple of years we used Google Sheets to capture data, but as the business grew the number of spreadsheets proliferated. It was becoming unmanageable and difficult to update and collate information.

“We were using Salesforce to manage lead development, account management and order processing, so it made sense to find something to manage customer engagement, timesheets and consultant activity that integrated with this.”

Colin did some desk research on professional services automation and found three options which sounded appealing, one of which was Kimble.

“I really liked the way Kimble engaged from the outset. They were very responsive; since I’m busy running a fast-growing company, I don’t have time to wait around for people to get back to me.

“We arranged a WebEx demonstration. I liked the rapid implementation and configuration that they demonstrated was possible and the financials made sense, so we implemented the application in 2013.”

Since implementing Kimble, d-flo has doubled in size while retaining its focus on the majority of staff being fee-earning consultants, with minimal back-office administration.

Says Colin:

“Everything in the business is SaaS based, so Kimble integrating seamlessly with Salesforce allows us to run our entire business processes from one solution, no matter if we’re client side, on a train, or in our offices. And we don’t have to worry about the overheads of managing it all.

“Kimble allows us to do so many things, no matter where we are or what device we’re on. Consultants can not only look after the client engagement aspect, but also drive what would normally be internal HR tasks, such as booking holiday, logging sick days and entering expenses. Because it’s anytime, anywhere, this has minimized the friction of adoption by our consultants. Kimble is becoming more ingrained as we grow because it simplifies running the business.”

d-flo handles many complex engagements with customers, partners and a multitude of combinations. They also operate both on retainer as well as on a project basis.

“Kimble is flexible and we can run all the different kinds of engagements we undertake through it. It allows everyone in the business to see how we’re tracking with clients and helps us make decisions faster. And with all the information in one place, we can run reports at the touch of a button without having to wrestle with unwieldy spreadsheets.

“One of the many great aspects of Kimble is that it fuels the business as it grows. We look forward to it powering us for many years to come,” finishes Colin.

With Kimble, d-flo is able to

  • Reduce back-office administration for more time on fee-earning work
  • Focus on client engagement aspect of delivery
  • Handle complex engagements with different pricing models

Business Benefits

  • Increased the speed and confidence behind business decisions
  • Reduced manual work done in Google Sheets
  • Fueled business growth

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