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Conexus: Tightening Governance and Removing Risk

The challenges facing Conexus

Conexus is an omnichannel commerce services provider based in the UK. Back in 2011, it was looking for a professional services automation solution to provide the business with more governance. It also wanted to more tightly link sales to revenue, so it could forecast more accurately and further into the future.

Managing director Paul Lynch wanted to move beyond spreadsheets and use a more focused resourcing tool to help drive the growth of the business.

Overcoming its business hurdles

“We had been running the business using spreadsheets but we were having to deal with timesheet errors, while consultants found doing expenses a hassle, which caused problems for finance. From a management team point of view, we wanted to improve governance in the business. We also knew the business would benefit from being able to look further ahead at what was in the pipeline, what resources we had and what we would potentially need,” says Paul.

“After all, the further you can look ahead with clarity, the better decisions you can make for the business.”

A consultant at Conexus led an internal assessment to shortlist potential solutions for the business. Once this had been pulled together however, the choice was a simple one for the management team.

“Other solutions needed one, two or even more products to do what we wanted to do, but Kimble had everything in it. Not only did it have everything we needed, but it did everything to an exceptionally high standard. It obviously understands how professional services organizations need to be run.”

Outcomes for Conexus

Improvements Kimble has brought include:

  • Kimble has helped improve governance in the business so that they are now within 5% accuracy of project forecasts
  • Many of the overheads for people’s daily tasks have been removed which makes their lives easier. Timesheets, for example, are now more up to date and expenses are much easier for consultants to submit
  • Month-end invoicing now takes two days (rather than ten)

“Kimble benefits every part of the business. The project managers use the tools to manage project budgets and do reports for clients. Because of the accuracy of the information it makes the process much faster and it also increases our clients’ trust in us because everything is transparent and up to date.

“It’s joined sales up with resourcing so the management team can see easily, and far in advance, what the sales pipeline is looking like and when we need to start hiring extra people,” says Paul.

And when new people join the business, it makes it easier to onboard them because there is a reliable, single source of information that everyone can access.

Paul speaks from experience when he recommends consultancy owners who may one day be interested in selling their business would be well advised to take a look at Kimble. Conexus was acquired earlier in 2016 by NASDAQ-listed PFSweb.

“Having Kimble in place definitely made a difference when companies were looking to acquire us. It helped to demonstrate that we have a lot of control and governance in the business, which is reassuring for potential acquirers, who feel they’re taking less of a risk.

“Kimble really does provide something for everyone in a consulting business,” finishes Paul.