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We were working with a PSA tool that didn’t provide us with a suitable resource management capability or visibility into the financial aspect of an on-going project, namely the margins. We wanted a tool that would ensure we operated as efficiently as possible.

Yoni Tsrouya, Senior Vice President, Professional Services at ClickSoftware.

ClickSoftware is a global leader in field service management solutions, providing both products and professional services. After using NetSuite OpenAir as a PSA solution for three years, the company decided to upgrade to a PSA that would integrate smoothly with Salesforce CRM and appropriately support its global professional services staff.

During the selection process: “Kimble stood out thanks to the company’s approach to project management and its flexibility as a business,” Yoni explained.

“The dedication and passion of Sean Hoban, the CEO, really stood out for us as well. Sean has always been on hand to share with us and help us implement best practice into our business. Thanks to the flexibility that he has engendered in Kimble, it meant that we were able to make the necessary changes to the product that were stopping us from going live on time.”

Yoni described the relationship with Kimble as “as a proper partnership, where everybody is using their experiences to help improve the product and have these features incorporated into future product developments.”

“We are delighted with the improvements that Kimble has been able to bring to our organization so far. We believe that with our collective experience of working in professional services, Kimble’s functions will become even richer and create even more efficiency and value for ClickSoftware.”

Equipped with better visibility of performance, project managers can be more accountable for their individual budgets and better understand the impact of their decisions during a project lifecycle.

Using Kimble, ClickSoftware is able to:


  • Integrate PSA and CRM
  • Resource projects more proactively
  • Hold project managers accountable for budgets
  • Ensure greater visibility of margins



  • Improved resource management
  • Greater financial control
  • More efficient operation
  • Partnership with PSA provider