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The fact that we now have automated processes that underpin what we want to do as a business and a dashboard that allows me to drill down to the details of the business is really powerful.

Mark Vivian, Director, Claremont Consulting

Claremont Consulting is a long-term Oracle Gold Partner firm that has been with Kimble since Kimble’s first steps in October 2011. Focused on long-term relationships with its clients, Claremont neglected to plan for its own long-term success until current Managing Director Mark Vivian joined the team three years ago. Mark explains,

“Quite early on, when I first came on board, I realized that what we had as a business was very inefficient and manual. What we had at the front end was a CRM system and there were accounting packages at the other end of the process, but nothing really in between – just manual processes and some spreadsheets.”

With twenty years of experience behind him, Mark knew that Claremont needed a new system that could help underpin all growth plans moving forward. Starting with Kimble from the beginning, Claremont has progressed just as far as Kimble has. As Mark explains,

“We’ve worked with some products in the past, but we decided to go with Kimble, because there was a big advantage in it being a SaaS product with no infrastructure, investment, no hassle, and a reliable 100% integration with the Salesforce platform. Kimble was a way of enforcing some rigor in the processes and helped keep an eye on the future in terms of being able to help scale the business.”

Everything from marketing campaigns to invoicing was done separately and keeping track of everything was becoming difficult, but Kimble offered one solution via one holistic system.

Despite some deep-rooted compulsions towards their old manual ways, within three months, Claremont was fully integrated into using one system for all its needs with Kimble. Mark praises Kimble’s functionality in helping him run his business,

“The fact that we now have automated processes that underpin what we want to do as a business and a dashboard that allows me to drill down to the details of the business is really powerful.”

With no intention to switch from Kimble, Mark testifies:

“Longer term, now we’ve got a system that is enabling us to scale as a business without having to hire loads more people. No need to change that.”

Kimble has helped and continues to help Claremont manage its business of mainly license resells and management of sales practices. Along with its holistic system of end-to-end solutions that Claremont fully utilizes, Kimble also provided a few unexpected benefits that have helped better communication within the Claremont offices.

Chatter, which is provided by the Salesforce platform, allows for employees to communicate with those within the same office as well as those in other offices. While adding some humor to Claremont’s work day, Chatter also provides a space for file sharing and formal work communication. Mark states,

“Communication is always a challenge for any business so to be able to keep in touch is nice.”

In addition, Kimble’s mobile app has also helped make it easier for Mark to keep track of his consultants’ time and expenses:

“The mobile app works very well for our consultants who are always on the move. Now they can just take photos of their receipts, upload, and off they go.”

With all these processes and benefits implemented, expected and unexpected, Claremont is well on its way to growing its business portfolio and offering the best customer service and advice to its customers worldwide.

Using Kimble, Claremont is able to:

  • Streamline time and expenses
  • Communicate more effectively across the organization
  • Drill down into business performance

Business Benefits:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved collaboration
  • More forward-looking view

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