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We are now able to make better decisions in terms of matching capacity to demand – that has definitely been a tangible benefit.

Catherine Joly, Chief Operating Officer at Chappuis Halder

Chappuis Halder & Co. is a leading international management consulting firm, dedicated to financial services. With offices in several locations in Europe, North America and Asia, they use Kimble to support visibility and cooperation among a far-flung team.

“With Kimble, we can see what is happening across the organization,” said Catherine Joly, Chief Operating Officer at Chappuis Halder. “We don’t have to pick up the phone to find out. We can see where there is resource availability, we can see where there is increased demand. This helps us to make better decisions.

“Thanks to Kimble, we have accurate forecasts three months ahead and we can see what that means for the business in terms of skills and capacity. We are able to put together the best team for each engagement.”

That means the business can reduce revenue leakage that occurs when the right resources aren’t available for the right projects, as well as manage recruitment proactively.

Previously, Chappuis Halder used several different systems to operate the business which, according to Catherine, “didn’t talk to each other”. Kimble was brought in to provide an end to end solution, one place where they could monitor each project from quote to cash, ensuring firm proposals feed into the forecast, and that invoices are accurate and timely. “We can now ensure we don’t leave money on the table”.

Catherine said another big benefit of Kimble is that it makes it easier to share data with other stakeholders (business partners or clients). “We wanted to invest in a quality solution because we value being able to share accurate and up to date information on an ongoing basis with our partners.” The fact that Kimble sits on the world-renowned Salesforce platform is also a plus for client confidence.

The transparency Kimble provides has also been popular with consultants and other users at Chappuis Halder.

“Increasingly we find employees value having access to data on the company’s performance. There is a real thirst for that kind of information. It helps people to understand the value of their own contribution.”

Using Kimble, Chappuis Halder is able to:

  • Forecast revenues
  • Match capacity to demand
  • See resource availability across the globe
  • Share accurate information with partners and clients
  • Stop leaving money on the table
  • Create transparency for employees
  • Monitor sales intensity and KPIs at individual and team level
  • Analyze past performance to improve future performance


  • Increased cash flow
  • Reduced revenue leakage
  • Improved customer experience

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