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We are very happy with the results we are achieving  –  better information sharing and collaboration between departments and more discipline in business forecast management and in services delivery.

Thierry Guennegues, Services Offer & Programs Director

Since adopting Kimble professional services automation software (PSA), professional services revenue has gone up by three percent at multinational company Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

ALE, which is a worldwide provider of customized connected networking, communications and enterprise services solutions (on-premise, in the cloud or both), implemented Kimble PSA in a six-month process overseen by business leaders.

The entire company moved from a home-grown PSA onto Kimble on the same day.

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Linking customer relationship management to sales and delivery through the PSA fosters better collaboration and information-sharing across the business. This supports a more consistent service delivery and more accurate forecasts, leading to greater business predictability.

Automating some functions that used to be done manually has enabled ALE to reduce the administrative overhead.

Using Kimble PSA, ALE is able to:


  • Grow revenue – professional services revenue is up 3% since moving to Kimble
  • Reduce administrative headcount
  • Better integrate business operations
  • Achieve a more integrated pipeline
  • Ensure better collaboration between sales and services
  • Create more accurate forecasts



  • PS revenue up by 3%
  • Administrative headcount reduced by three
  • More consistent service delivery