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There is no way we could sustain growth as well as we are doing without Kimble.

Chris Positano, Vice President of Implementation Services, Accelogix

Accelogix, a leading provider of consulting, implementation, and development services for supply chain businesses, bought Kimble in 2017 to support its rapid expansion. The company has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. after experiencing three-year revenue growth of over 195%

Prior to implementing Kimble PSA, Accelogix used project management tools but did not have operational software. They reached the stage where they wanted a PSA to help them to forecast better and to manage the increasingly complex job of allocating resources and delivering projects effectively. Having rejected the idea of building a home-grown system, they selected Kimble PSA as the best fit for their needs.

“This was a long-term investment. Now we are running our business better than ever,”

Ryan Kirklewski: Chief Operating Officer

Accelogix uses Kimble to track milestones, budgets, margin, and to analyze costs. They put in checks to force people to enter data correctly and now they get timesheets submitted properly on time, and are able to track resource availability. Instead of relying on utilization rates, they can monitor the margin on each project.

Ryan said: “Previously, we didn’t have visibility into gross margin at project level. Obviously, you watch margin at the company executive level but that visibility wasn’t filtering down. Now everybody has visibility of the financial health of their projects – that is a big plus for us.”

Using Kimble, Accelogix is able to:


  • Track milestones
  • Track budgets
  • Track hours
  • Track resource availability
  • Analyze costs
  • Monitor project margins



  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Visibility of project margins
  • Ability to scale