Accelogix: Runs Its Business “Better Than Ever”

Dynamic supply-chain consulting-services provider Accelogix decided they needed a robust PSA solution in order to take advantage of opportunities to expand. “This was an investment for long term growth. There was no way we could continue with what we were using for tracking resource planning, utilization and so on.” said Ryan Kirklewski: Chief Operating Officer. “Now we are running our business better than ever”.

Accelogix has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. after experiencing three-year revenue growth of over 195%. “There is no way we could sustain that growth as well as we are doing without Kimble.”

With clients across a number of verticals, from small family firms to Fortune 500 companies, Accelogix found that, as the complexity of matching resources to demand increased, they needed a PSA solution to help them forecast more accurately, and to manage projects and resources more efficiently.

Previously, they were using plug-in tools – but those were not intended for planning at an operational level.  Having discounted the idea of building a home-grown system, the Accelogix team surveyed what was on the market and selected Kimble. “We liked the visibility, the capability.”

Now, a year in, they are taking advantage of Kimble’s powerful functionality to track margin on each project as it unfolds. Ryan said: “Previously, we didn’t have visibility into gross margin at project level. Obviously, you watch margin at the company executive level but that visibility wasn’t filtering down. Now everybody has visibility of the financial health of their projects – that is a big plus for us.”

Chris Positano, Vice President of Implementation Services, said the benefits of using Kimble were evident on a daily basis: “We track milestones, we track budgets, we check margin, we analyze costs, we put in checks to force people to enter data correctly, we get timesheets submitted properly on time, we can track resource availability.”