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SPI 2019 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark — Download

Since 2008, the Service Performance Insight Research PS Maturity Model has been the de facto framework for strategic planning and management. More than 20,000 service and project-oriented organizations have already used it to improve their productivity and profit.

Through our sponsorship, we are able to offer you the 2019 SPI benchmark report, which normally costs $1995, for free.

Download the free report to:

  • Better understand how your organization compares to your peers in consulting or other professional services organizations
  • Get an objective, fact-based framework that will help pinpoint the areas for performance improvement that will give you the greatest impact

We hope you find the report useful and would be delighted to talk to you about how we can similarly help your consulting organization to scale both rapidly and sustainably.

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About the Service Performance Insight Research PS Maturity Model

The highest-performing professional services organizations are significantly more likely than the average to rely on professional services automation (PSA) to run their businesses, according to a new report.

The 2019 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark report compares the performance of hundreds of PS businesses. It found that the sector continues to grow on average  – but that some companies doing much better than others,

Revenue growth declined slightly on average, at just over 9% year on year – while the top performers saw almost 15%. There was a gulf in performance in key metrics between the best and the rest. The highest performers were much more likely to deliver projects on time and on budget. They scored higher for a clearly communicated vision and

This year’s benchmark report concludes there are two tracks that businesses are on – those on the fast track “are expanding rapidly and are very profitable. The future looks bright for them.”

Comparing the best of the best – the fastest-growing organizations with the highest rates of customer satisfaction and referenceability as well as profits – showed that 96% – almost all of these organizations make use of a commercial PSA solution, compared to 75% of the rest.

he best of the best group were also significantly more satisfied with the use they were making of their PSA – scoring 4.4 out of 5 instead of 3.8, which is a difference of 14%.

Kimble CMO Mark Robinson said: “At Kimble, we are pleased but not surprised to see this research showing that virtually all of the best performing PS organizations in the study use PSA. We know that many of the world’s fastest-growing and highest-performing services organizations are supported by Kimble PSA, which is designed to fuel growth and improve performance.”

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