Best Practice

What are the ‘real’ reasons we lose deals?

How often do we actually perform any analysis of why we lose deals? Even if we complete this type of investigation are we sure the reasons we discover are the ‘real’ reasons why we lost the deals? Understanding the ‘real’ reasons why we lost a deal will improve our ability to qualify opportunities, reduce our […]

The hidden costs of implementing some PSA tools

Steve Anderson is a founding partner at Capitalise.  Capitalise specialise in investment and advisory work in the Professional Services and Technology space. Based on his experience of selecting and using PSA tools he gives a valuable insight into the potential hidden costs of implementing PSA and advises on what to ask your prospective vendor during […]

Why close date is ‘king’ in a Professional Services firm

Traditionally organisations report their results on a quarterly basis. As a result internal processes develop to focus sales activity on maximising the amount of product sold within each quarter. For sales people their incentive schemes are typically linked to this and designed to pay out for achieving a quarterly target. The behaviour this drives is […]

A proven method for accurately forecasting annual revenue

Having an accurate 12 month revenue forecast is a vital component of the budgeting and planning process in a Professional Services organisation.  Get the forecast too high and you could end up taking on too much cost too soon.  Get the forecast too low and you won’t be able to resource up in time to […]

How to manage the consumerisation of business IT

An interesting article which appeared on-line today in CIO Tech Tips which supports our thinking that consumer IT is now leading business IT .  It is also very much in line with Mark’s recent blog on this subject.

How to measure the health of business development activities in a Services firm

Applying weighting factors to opportunities to assess the strength of a business pipeline is a common practice in sales. However, professional services firms should handle this type of information with care as it is potentially flawed.  There are more appropriate ways to monitor the health of business development. (more…)

How to set the right incentive schemes in Professional Services

You spend time reviewing and tweaking your business strategy. But when was the last time you reviewed your sales incentive schemes to ensure that they are aligned to your business goals? In my experience the old adage that ‘compensation drives behaviour’ holds true in a Professional Services firm. Yet, too many firms don’t have aligned […]

Is corporate social media going to replace email?

Is corporate social media going to replace email?  This is a debate that seems to divide both the industry analysts as well as the people we meet. One man who seems convinced is Theirry Breton, CEO of Atos Origin. (more…)