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Design a Disciplined Month-end Close: Kimble Best Practice Guide VI

As new technology creates the potential for more data collection, consulting organizations have to rethink how best to flow the information into the decision-making process and then put it away. But this process can be challenging in a rapidly-growing business. One of the most common mistakes that businesses make when managing their data is that […]

Cover image for best practice guide driving decision making downwards

Five Steps to Driving Decision-making Downwards: Kimble Best Practice Guide IV

As professional services organizations grow, processes have to be rethought. Rapid expansion can result in too many decisions being pushed upwards. This can lead to a previously dynamic and agile business slowing down, decision-making bottlenecks arising, and opportunities to take timely action being missed. (more…)

White paper – Unlocking the Secrets of Scalability in Consulting Organizations

Defining and fulfilling resourcing needs early is a key enabler to scalability for any consulting organization, and, given the lack of prevalence of the strategy in the industry, it is capable of unlocking real and tangible competitive advantage. Read this white paper for clear guidance on how to implement this strategy.

The 2017 SPI Professional Services Maturity Benchmark – Download

Kimble Applications is a  sponsor of Service Performance Insight‘s Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark Report for the third year running. Since 2007, the SPI Research PS Maturity Model has been the de facto framework for strategic planning and management. More than 10,000 service and project-oriented organizations have already used it to improve their productivity and profit. […]

How Will AI Affect Consulting?

Kimble CEO Sean Hoban shares insight into the future evolution of the company’s award-winning software with readers of online technology magazine “Enterprise Times”, in an interview for their “business leader” series (January 2017). Sean argues that technology which fits a strict definition of Artificial Intelligence is less important at the moment than Augmented Intelligence, which is being […]