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Kimble, the Consultant-Centric PSA

Kimble believes that when the largest group of PSA users, consultants, are well supported, the rest of the organization benefits dramatically. A PSA is only as good as the information entered, and a PSA that can’t win the hearts and minds of your consultants won’t get updated with the accurate, timely information that’s needed to operate and drive the business.

Kimble drives users to see timesheets as a chance to contribute to success rather than as a chore to be done. With Kimble, your project team gets a trusted, intelligent assistant they can rely on. Kimble makes capturing time and expenses a simple, engaging operation, allowing consultants to spend more time delivering a quality service.

Predictive Timesheets

Time entry is intuitive and frictionless in Kimble – it’s clear at every step what actions are required to capture the work you’ve done. Kimble uses predictive AI to reduce the amount of time you spend entering time into the PSA. The application knows what you’ve been assigned, and provides suggested time entries that can be quickly accepted or updated to reflect changes to what was forecast. And when time is entered, Kimble automatically recalculates other suggested time entries for the day. Kimble also gives you the ability to simply start and stop a timer for an assignment, streamlining time capture while ensuring accuracy.

“Kimble’s out-of-the-box solution really helps users understand what the best practices are. So everything from forecast utilization to time entry, it points users in the right direction to what they should be doing on a day-to-day basis, so we have the data we can use to make better decisions going forward.”

Jill Novosel, Director of Quality Assurance and Client Delivery, West Monroe

Submit Expenses with Ease

Kimble’s expense forecasting and expense capture features reduce administrative effort and increase forecast accuracy. Kimble lets you build expense forecasts directly into your proposals so that when expense claims are submitted, they’re not a surprise to the business or to the customer. Expense categories, period rate bands, and allowances, which can be templated onto projects, control what can be submitted for a project and automatically determine which expenses can be reimbursed. Kimble makes it easy to track incurred expenses, upload receipts, and easily add or edit multiple expense items on one claim.

Time & Expense Entry on the Go

Timesheets and expense claims can be created and managed through Kimble’s mobile app – they can even be updated while you’re offline. This allows you to enter information about the work you’ve done while it’s fresh in your mind, ensuring accuracy and reducing billing disputes.

The Kimble mobile app supports pushing timesheet reminders as mobile notifications, increasing timesheet compliance for consultants on the move. And with optical character recognition (OCR) expense items can be automatically generated by taking photos of your receipts.

“The mobile app works very well for our consultants who are always on the move. Now they can just take photos of their receipts, upload, and off they go.”

— Mark Vivian, Managing Director, Claremont Consulting

Everything That Needs Your Attention, in One Glance

You can access all the information you need about the status of your timesheets and expense claims from the Kimble home screen. Your monthly timesheet summary reveals where there are gaps in timesheet compliance and lets you drill down and quickly act on them. Recent expense claims are sorted by status (rejected, paid, etc.), allowing you to easily see all expense claims that haven’t been approved. The home screen also presents components that display your remaining vacation entitlement, your utilization percentage, and your allotment of Time Off In Lieu (TOIL).

Low-Touch Approval Management

Kimble intelligently assesses whether time entries are reasonable and manages those time entries on behalf of project managers without manual intervention. Tolerance-based controls that expand the scope of automatic timesheet approvals and reforecasting increase the agility and efficiency of time capture and free up project managers to focus on approvals and assignment management tasks that do require their attention. Where that’s the case, you have the ability to set up multiple approval steps, and route an approval request to a group composed of multiple approvers. Your customers can also be set to approve time and expense submissions through the Kimble Customer Community.

“The main benefit of using Kimble PSA is that it really streamlines our day to day operation. That means we can spend less time poring over data and more time focusing on what we are really passionate about, which is our customers’ needs.”

— Kirsty Baldwin, Finance & Operations Manager, Gate One

Over 489% ROI achieved using Kimble*

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*A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting

489% ROI in just 3 years using Kimble PSA*

*Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting

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