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Scoping Features

Single View of Customer

360-degree view of your customers with all pertinent information (including proposals, engagements, purchase orders, invoices, etc.) in one place.

Proposal Modeler

Easy, one-click creation of proposals from templates which include phases, assignments and commercial approaches. These can then be further refined to determine acceptable effort, revenue and margin to support detailed services pricing and achievable delivery.

Project Planner

Project timelines and breakdowns of work are created by scheduling tasks and dependencies at the project scoping stage, ensuring correct assignment of resources and a fuller understanding of your critical path.

Demand Planner

Placeholder resource demand can be created against the proposal to help model the assignment rate, cost, duration, and utilization before an individual is assigned.

CRM and CPQ Integration

Automatically connects Kimble to third-party CRM and CPQ solutions, creating a single integrated process from sales to delivery and allowing both product and service quotes to be sourced from a single product.

Margin Insights

Determine the average achieved margin from previous engagements for this customer, ensuring new proposals do not compromise the overall business profitability.

Expenses Insights

Determines the average expenses incurred from previous engagements for this customer, ensuring the most accurate expense forecast is used when submitting a proposal.

Bid Team Planner

Allows bid team resources to be scheduled on the proposal activity, capturing an accurate cost of sale, whilst ensuring the most appropriate resources are allocated to the bid team.

Risk Modeler

Allows early evaluation of risks by category and adds contingency budget to services cost to protect overall margins.

High-Level Forecaster

Supports quick, indicative forecasting at early stages of the sales process to ensure new projects are visible in the pipeline as early as possible.

Team Profiler

Creates different team compositions and allows proposals to be modeled using these profiles to determine the best team structure and appropriate delivery margin.

SOW Generator

Generates a formatted statement of work (SOW) based on details defined in the proposal, providing a consistent look and feel whilst speeding up the bid-cycle time.

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