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Resourcing Features

Resource Viewer

Gives a single view of a resource (Employee or Associate), with all key resource information (including skills, role, experience, availability) in one place and the ability to drill down into further detail.

Skills and Capabilities Manager

Manages thousands of skill types, certifications and capabilities, matching appropriate resource with current demands to ensure the optimal fit.

Demand Manager

Creates placeholder demand for resources and earmarks named individuals for assignments before they are won, giving a better understanding of current and future demands.

Resource Planner

View the work to be done and who is available on a filterable, centralized screen. Then easily drag and drop the demand onto the filtered supply resources, improving overall practice management and utilization.

Weighted Resource Matching Engine

Optimally matches the capabilities and availability of resources against the required skills and timeline of the assignment, meaning suitable resources can be quickly found.

Assignment Profiling

Define amount of work to be done on particular days or times within days, allowing optimal resource scheduling.

Location Mapper

Displays location of resources and assignments via Google Maps, helping optimize resource utilization with planning around locations.

International and Personal Calendars

Ability to store different national public holidays and working patterns, giving realistic timelines to engagements.

Vacation Manager

Allows vacation, part-time working and other absences to be requested and approved within agreed allowances, ensuring engagement timelines are realistic.

On/Off-Boarding Wizard

Wizard speeds up the process of getting new resources started and others exited safely and thoroughly.

Recruitment Tracking

Manage your pipeline of potential employees and track them through the recruitment process, providing visibility of recruitment progress and likely new starters.

Delivery – Resourcing Collaboration

Automatically highlights over-allocated resources or fixed-schedule days (that cannot be moved) enabling project managers and resource managers to collaborate more effectively.

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