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Kimble was uniquely designed, from inception, to be the best-of-breed PSA solution. We recognized that a key requirement of this would be the need to easily integrate with other leading third-party software vendors and so Kimble has been architected from the outset to be the most flexible and open PSA solution. The Kimble Interface Framework connects Kimble with other parts of your systems landscape in order to optimize information flows and remove data duplication.

The Kimble Interface Framework…
  • Provides a purpose-built layer that can be configured by business users
  • Supports inbound and outbound specific connections with other third-party systems, irrespective of the technology they are built with
  • Integrates with off-platform Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, or Finance applications via web service APIs
  • Can be called directly by third-party applications, accessed via your preferred middleware (e.g. Mulesoft) or used with CSV upload/download capabilities

Monitoring and Management


The Kimble Interface Framework provides real-time monitoring and management of each interface in an easy-to-use tool, with reports and dashboards for increased visibility.

Office Collaboration

Through the capabilities of the Salesforce Force.com platform, Kimble also integrates email and calendar events with standard Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. You can also download report information into Microsoft Excel and project tasks into Microsoft Project.