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Foresight Features

Portfolio dashboards

Projects can be grouped into portfolios, with managers given a single view of performance and the ability to drill down through each project.

Real-time forecasting

Kimble provides a real-time, accurate forecast for resource demand, revenues, margins and even cash, giving greater confidence to decision-making.

Kimble Diagnostics

The Kimble Diagnostic Engine analyzes trends in revenue and cost, allowing the underlying causes behind any change to be easily understood and remedial action to be swiftly taken.

Project Insights

More than 20 intelligent insights alert project managers to the priority actions that need to be taken, ensuring key activities are not missed by less experienced staff and driving more predictable commercial outcomes.


Over 80 standard dashboards and reports are divided into departmental sections, providing visibility of all key measures for sales, resourcing, delivery and finance.

Resourcing Analyzer

Kimble utilizes Salesforce Einstein and provides a Resourcing Analytical layer and a best practice suite of strategic views and dynamic filters. These improve hiring and scheduling decisions, through easy analysis of current and future utilization and resource capacity .

Delivery Analyzer

A best-practice suite of strategic dashboards, using Salesforce Einstein, supporting dynamic filters and combined reports to analyze current and future project data trends.

Pipeline Manager

By easily combining the pipeline of unsold projects with those that are already sold and in flight, Kimble provides a longer term resource, revenue and margin forecast and enables better planning.

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