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Billing Features

Weekly and Monthly Period Management

The Kimble period managers govern the actions to be taken in order to close a period, allowing time capture to be completed and actual revenues and costs to be locked.

Real-Time Revenue Recognition and Forecasting

Kimble provides real-time revenue recognition in line with the latest accounting standards (ASC 606 and IFRS 15), eliminating potential accounting discrepancies.

Invoice Creator

Automatically creates invoices for individual project elements, or creates a single invoice across multiple projects, and electronically dispatches PDF copies of invoices with any accompanying documents (e.g. images of expense receipts) to one or more recipients.

Purchase Order Manager

Easily and flexibly allocates Purchase Orders to projects, and tracks the consumption and likely time of depletion, so that invoicing won’t be compromised due to lack of cover.

Controlled Export of Billing Data

Automatically and reliably integrates key transactional information from Kimble to the finance ledgers (AR, AP and GL), giving a tight coupling between Kimble and your chosen Finance system.

Invoice Templates

Configurable templates with flexible formatting, including multi-tax regime, multi-currency and language support.

Contractor Self-Billing

Automatically creates ‘self-bill’ invoices from approved contractor timesheets, avoiding error-prone matching of contractor invoices with timesheets and saving significant admin time.

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