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Kimble Analyzers

Our Analyzers embed Tableau in Kimble PSA, surfacing complex business performance information through visually rich, customizable, and interactive dashboards
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Kimble Analyzers allow complex analysis of your business performance data in Tableau

Our team of domain experts have designed a reporting suite that empowers users to become more confident and self-sufficient with data and the decisions it drives.

Kimble Analyzers complement Kimble’s standard reporting functionality, providing self-service analytics that help analysts identify and mitigate issues that could impact profitability. These best practice suites of strategic views and dynamic filters embed Tableau in Kimble PSA, with packaged dashboards and dataflows that extract and transform transactional data from Kimble.

Kimble Financial Analyzer

Explore your business’ detailed financial performance using integrated, interactive analytics. Kimble Financial Analyzer provides visually rich, customizable dashboards that surface complex information on predicted revenue, costs and margin, highlighting areas of underperformance.

Sold separately from Kimble PSA, the Financial Analyzer provides insight into business profitability so that you can make proactive decisions that improve business performance.

Kimble Resourcing Analyzer

Kimble Resourcing Analyzer enables businesses to dive into the complex details surrounding resource management. Through customizable, interactive dashboards, it provides insight into the complex, always-shifting variables associated with managing resources across a services organization.

Sold separately from Kimble PSA, the Resourcing Analyzer surfaces supply and demand issues early, before they impact revenues, ensuring teams are able to proactively recruit, upskill, or shift resources around to address discrepancies.

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