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  • Business Foresight Analyzer drives real-time forecasting of resource demand, revenue, margin and cash flow
  • Tight coupling with CRM (eg. Salesforce Sales Cloud and others) allows seamless forecasting of unsold and current work
  • Intelligent Insights signpost the priority actions the business needs to take and our Diagnostics highlight what’s driving revenue and margin trends
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  • When project schedules change, revenue and cost forecasts are automatically recalculated, ensuring consistent and up-to-date reporting
  • Kimble Dashboards give instant visibility across all key metrics including utilization, account profitability, delivery risks, and key issues
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View Kimble's Scoping Features

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  • Fully integrated with CRM, allowing seamless forecasting of existing and pipeline projects
  • Comprehensive project plans factor in key elements such as resource effort, margin, and expenses
  • Project Planner helps create detailed task plans with dependencies and allows you to apply predefined team profiles and template plans
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  • Proposals automatically migrate into live project plans. No conversion or rework required
  • Proposal Modeler supports all billing models and highlights projected versus historic margin
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View Kimble's Resourcing Features

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  • Kimble finds the best fit between the required skills and potentially available resources, and builds the most efficient scenario for resource optimization
  • Only Kimble factors in future pipeline capacity, ensuring Resource Planning focuses on incoming as well as existing business needs
  • Comprehensive management of availability gives a view of absences and free time including vacations, part-time working and country-specific hours
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  • Geolocation and detailed assignment schedules allow Resource Managers to maximize utilization and ensure optimal cost management based on current resource and assignment locations
  • Drag-and-drop features allow rapid allocation of assignments, based on easy searching of suitably skilled and available resources
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View Kimble's Delivery Features

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  • Intelligent Insights direct the priority actions the business needs to take, driving consistency and protecting profitability by surfacing key business risks and issues
  • Live engagement and portfolio dashboards support all projects centrally and provide a real-time view of actual and forecast effort to allow better planning decisions
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  • Predictive Timesheets automatically suggest time entries based on forecast assignments or geolocation data
  • Centralized Project Governance allows project risks, issues and dependencies to be tracked and reported
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View Kimble's Billing Features

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  • Kimble ensures purchase orders are tracked and forecast so that invoices are undisputed and paid promptly
  • Invoices are easily generated, either through a step-by-step process or automatically via batch processes, and electronically dispatched with accompanying detail
  • Kimble’s management of month end allows actual revenues and costs to be finalized while forecasts automatically update
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  • Invoice formats can be configured for specific project types, customers and local tax regimes, and can be easily translated into any language
  • Kimble is compatible with all of the leading finance packages enabling the seamless transfer of key financial data to core ledgers
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View Kimble's Customer Community Features

View Customer Community Features
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  • Our customer community provides a simple portal for customers to review project progress and approve time, expenses and invoices
  • A configurator ensures you only share the information you want while being able to collaborate on all appropriate documents
  • Project drawdown capabilities are provided against pre-purchased work or framework agreements so that customers can easily request new resource assignments
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