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What is Intelligent Time Capture?

Kimble introduces in-built intelligence for consultant users

Timesheet compliance isn’t just about accurate bookkeeping; it is also the driving factor of accurate forecasting. The data recorded by consultants in their timesheets informs the core processes of a service organization: resource planning, project monitoring, forecasting, and billing.

How easy and intuitive it is to share information about time and expenses is central to the end user’s experience of a professional services automation (PSA) solution. If consultants and other service professionals don’t feel comfortable using it, they will be less likely to provide this crucial data on how actual project delivery is progressing against plans.

That’s why Kimble Professional Services Automation (PSA) now offers Intelligent Time Capture functionality that helps consultants and project managers work together efficiently and effectively.

Close the loop between consultants and project managers

When it comes to the process of getting valuable information about delivery progress out of consultants’ heads, even small improvements can pay huge dividends for downstream resources. Major improvements can be game-changers for your business.

Why? Because services organizations rely on consultants collaborating effectively with project managers. Without updated information on how current projects are going – how much work has been done and how much remains – a business is operating blind. The work that the people on the front line do to capture what’s happening in the real world and to update plans accordingly leads to better decision-making across the organization.

For example, there may be more work left to do than was initially forecast. If the consultant doesn’t have an intuitive way to share that information with their project manager, there can be all sorts of downstream effects – on the profitability of this project, the satisfaction of the customer, and on the resourcing plan for future projects that require that consultant to begin.

Watch: Kimble’s Lauren Leonard describes how effective collaboration between consultants and project managers leads to better decision-making across your business.

Consultants need to feel like PSA champions

Because consultants are essential to consulting organizations, they’re also essential to the viability of the tools those organizations adopt. It’s important for organizations to put consultants’ needs at the forefront when thinking about new strategies, processes, and tools.

When selecting and implementing a PSA, understanding and improving the consultant experience should be a central goal. It’s often taken as a given that consultants will regard timesheet compliance as a chore, and they are rarely included in the buying process. But a PSA solution that can’t catch on with consultants cannot succeed.

Shifting the emphasis from entering time to estimating the amount of time remaining will help consultants to understand the importance of the information they are sharing and dramatically increase the chances of adoption.

Watch: In this TSIA webinar, Charles Gustine outlines the keys to finding a solution that consultants can and will engage with.

Timesheets are no longer a chore

Kimble has introduced Intelligent Time Capture in its latest release, Summer 19, making time entry more manageable, more intuitive, and more comprehensive. This release continues Kimble’s push to use augmented intelligence to make easy tasks easier so human intelligence can be focused on harder tasks.

Upon arriving at their timesheet, consultants will be treated to a completely redesigned user experience that makes clear at every step what actions are required to capture the work they’ve done. New tooltips support this clarity, providing in-context help throughout the time entry process. The new design also reduces the total amount of steps required to enter and submit time, an initiative supported by new time entry shortcuts. When time is entered, Kimble automatically recalculates other suggested time entries for the day, streamlining the entire time capture process.

Watch: Kimble unveils Intelligent Time Capture in the Summer 19 launch webinar, including a demo of the new consultant experience.

Overcoming the adoption problem

It’s time to change the conversation around timesheet compliance – both around why it’s so important and around why it’s not happening. For more strategies on putting consultants and their needs at the center of the conversation, download our new eBook “The Adoption Problem.”

In this eBook, we ask:

  • Why is consultant adoption vital to unlocking the benefits of PSA?
  • What can go wrong if consultants don’t engage with your chosen PSA application?
  • How can your organization transform consultants’ relationship with time entry?
  • How does Intelligent Time Capture help consultants and project managers work together more effectively?
  • How can you create a predictable, forward-looking services organization?

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