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Manufacturing & Hi-Technology

Increasingly, Manufacturing & Hi-Technology companies are dependent on services to implement and enhance their products and profitability. Services teams are often brought together for a range of engagements such as initial implementation, support and maintenance, and advanced services delivering outcome-based results.

Pricing for services is pressured as product margins are protected. Increasingly Manufacturing & Hi-Technology companies are moving to servitization contracts where alignment with the customer’s business is critical. Complete visibility across all customers, projects and resources is essential for success.

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Part of the solution is for Manufacturing & Hi-Technology businesses to fully embrace the digitization of their internal business processes. By integrating scoping, project management, talent usage, revenue management and billing, businesses can not only benefit from greater efficiency and scalability but can also access the enhanced foresight and collaboration that comes with total operational visibility.

Kimble is the most complete solution in Services Automation. Driven by augmented intelligence, easy to configure and scalable, Kimble can help you meet the needs of your business both now and in the future.

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