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IT Services

IT services firms are facing mounting challenges as aggressive competition puts pressure on revenues and margins, and experienced talent moves into freelance contractor pools. Optimizing business operations is no longer a way to prop up short-term results, it is a prerequisite for long-term business success. And yet, many firms are still using ad hoc and siloed processes.

All too often, projects are scoped and priced without complete visibility into the potential resource pool or delivered without a real-time view of actual and future effort or profitability. In addition, billing and revenue management rely on manual processes which fail to capture all of the time spent and the costs associated with delivery.

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Part of the solution is for IT services firms to fully embrace the digitization of their own internal business processes. By integrating proposals, resource management, project delivery, time and expense capture, revenue management and billing, your business will not only benefit from greater efficiency and scalability but will also access the enhanced foresight and collaboration that comes with total operational visibility.

Kimble is the most complete solution in Professional Services Automation. Driven by automated intelligence, easy to configure and scalable, Kimble can help you meet the needs of your business both now and in the future.

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