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July 15th – Teach your Consultants to act like Executives Webinar

This webinar is based on the framework described in the book The Seven Principles of Professional Services by Shane Anastasi of Kimble. This book is fast becoming the standard for professional services consultant development and training. The framework fills a gap in most organizational training programs and helps consultants embrace the beliefs required to deliver successful customer facing services.

Whether you are a consultant in a services firm, leading a team or an executive this 30 minute free webinar will help you assess how well you deliver your service & enable you to identify ways to elevate it in the future.

Click here on link to register for the webinar to be held at 12pm BST/ 1pm CEST or

Click here on this link to register for the webinar to be held at 9am PDT/ 12pm EDT/ 5pm BST.

About the speaker

Shane brings twenty years of learning from IBM, Vignette, BigMachines and Salesforce.com to a topic that many professional services executives struggle to find the time to adequately address. His approach simplifies the process of teaching consultants the fundamentals of quality consulting and also creates an easy to adopt framework for the continued development of the entire professional services team.