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How to Foster Adaptability in Your Business

What Does it Take to Future-Proof Your Services Organization?

The businesses that grow sustainably in the coming years will be able to adapt to changing demands, move quickly around organizational bottlenecks, and make data-driven, confident decisions as close to their customers as possible. Those will be the keys to retaining top talent and satisfying ever-changing customer needs.

This can be a daunting transformation, but businesses don’t need to take it on alone. Kimble PSA is proven to increase organizational agility, empowering people throughout a services organization to make better decisions that improve business performance. Our solution puts valuable insights into the hands of services professionals, guiding them towards actions that keep customers satisfied, foster predictability, and maintain sustainable growth.

Why Businesses Are Undergoing Change

CEO Matt Cheung breaks down why Clarasys has embraced Agile as a means of enabling autonomy for teams and accelerating delivery for clients.

MD David Lee explains how MSS Business Transformation uses Responsive to maintain a continuous process of self-disruption and adaptation.

Three Steps to Creating Agility

In the modern world, your organization is only likely to survive and thrive if you do a great job for your customers and employees. An agile organization focuses on these complementary goals. While the term has its origin in the world of software development, it is now used as shorthand to identify a mindset.

In a crowded market, with new, disruptive competitors appearing constantly, it is harder than ever to get and keep customers. Expectations have increased. Consulting organization leaders who participated in a survey undertaken for Kimble agreed that they feel under pressure to meet increased demands from existing customers. Almost four in five reported that clients are making new demands on their consulting business, with the same number citing digital transformation as the driver of these demands.

This eBook proposes solutions to three common problems organizations face in the digital age: decision-making bottlenecks, a lack of agreed metrics, and the failure to innovate effectively.

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Best Practice Guides for PSA

Kimble’s Best Practice Guides

Want to help your business be more adaptable but don’t know where to start? In each of Kimble’s Best Practice Guides, we outline strategies that will help your business move quickly around organizational bottlenecks, ensuring you’re making decisions as close to your customer as possible.

Topics covered in the Best Practice Guides include:

  • Driving Decision-Making Downwards
  • Adapting to Changing Demand
  • Measuring What Matters
  • Actively Surfacing Risk

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Kimble’s Perspective on the Future

All three of Kimble’s founders – Sean Hoban, Mark Robinson, and David Scott – were experienced consulting directors looking for the tool that would help them prepare for what was on the horizon. When they couldn’t find the right tool, they created it.

Since then, the Kimble team has worked with hundreds of consulting organizations to transform the way they operate; along the way they’ve gained a lot of insight into what has changed and what might change. In this video, Kimble’s founders share their vision for the future of consulting, and how they envision technology helping to shape that future.

Scale Your Business with Kimble

Kimble supports all professional services processes and business models and is configurable to adapt to your unique ways of working or changing needs.

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Talk to us about how Kimble PSA can enable Agile transformation

  • Align your organization around the processes that drive profitability
  • Overcome bottlenecks that prevent customer satisfaction
  • Empower your workforce to make better decisions sooner
  • Adapt as the marketplace changes, pivoting quickly to respond to shifting demand

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