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Get ready for a 3-DAY EVENT that will provide you with the tools you need to further your engagement and success with Kimble.

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September 15-17, 2020




Connect delivers a full program with live sessions, pre-recorded presentations, panel discussions and Q&A. We’re expanding Connect to three days, with each day focusing on a major theme. Explore the sessions being offered on each day below; you have a broader range of material, as well as total control over which sessions you attend.


Day 1
Managing Your Business
Day 2
Scoping & Delivering Projects
Day 3
Financial & Operational Excellence
Day 1
Managing Your Business
Day 1 - September 15th

Kimble’s “state of the nation”, as well as how to obtain a more predictable business with Kimble.

Executive KPIs

Join this roundtable discussion to understand how customers are using Kimble Executive Dashboards, What areas are customers finding the most useful? How can these dashboards be used to drive improved visibility and drive the right actions across the business?

Successfully Driving Change and Adoption

Join this roundtable discussion to understand how customers have steered successful change to drive continued adoption and outcomes in their use of Kimble.  What are some of the biggest challenges to adoption and change; what techniques have customers used to successfully drive this?

Measuring & Improving Forecast Accuracy

How can you measure forecast accuracy in Kimble? How are customers using Kimble to successfully improve forecasting accuracy? Watch this overview of Kimble Forecasting Accuracy functionality and join a discussion where you can get answers to your questions and hear techniques for driving and measuring improved forecasting accuracy.

Driving Predictability in Unpredictable Times

Building on a number of recent Kimble webinars, this session focuses on some of the challenges we are seeing customers face and the strategies they have deployed to drive predictability.

Benefits of Linking Service Cloud and Kimble

This session will cover why organizations are looking to link their services platforms to their PSA, the benefits and outcomes they are looking to achieve, and some common use cases for how the applications can be combined.

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Day 2
Scoping & Delivering Projects
Day 2 - September 16th
Driving Improvements in the Sales Process

In this roundtable discussion we will look at how customers have driven improvements in the sales process. What are some of the key bottlenecks that slow down sales momentum and what successful strategies have businesses taken to address these?

Driving Proposal Efficiency : Templates & Tips

How can you use or improve the use of templates in the proposal process? What are some of the new features customers have leveraged successfully to drive efficiencies? In this session, Kimble will share tips on how to make processes easier while ensuring the required controls are in place.

Modeling Proposals Including Alternatives

What are the different ways of modeling proposals in Kimble, and what different use cases we are seeing customers implement successfully? In this session, we will explore how you can leverage the latest functionality to model proposal alternatives, including use cases and helpful tips.

Strategies for a Predictable Sales Forecast

How have customers improved the predictability of their sales forecast? In this session, we will discuss how can Kimble support your sales teams better as well as what strategies customers have taken to successfully leverage Kimble in driving forecasting improvements.

Strategic Resource Planning

In this roundtable discussion we will hear how customers are driving more strategic resource planning. How are customers getting insight to upcoming requirements and managing the balance of supply and demand more effectively? How have customers leveraged Kimble in driving improvements to make staffing decisions early?

Automated Resource Matching & Bench Optimization

What use cases are we seeing as customers leverage the new resourcing matching and bench optimization features?  In this session, we will discuss how these features can help you drive a more efficient and effective resourcing process, and outline some of the tips and recommendations for deploying them successfully within your business.

Improvements and Benefits of Supplier Requisitions

How are customers using supplier requisitions and what are the different use cases Kimble supports? In this session, we will outline some of the new supplier management features introduced in Summer 20 as well as how these will help you better manage suppliers.

Building an Effective Capability Matrix That Works

In this session we will share techniques and recommendations for building an effective capability matrix. We’ll highlight where customers have achieved this successfully as well as some of the most prevalent use cases Kimble supports. This session will include tips on how you can leverage new features introduced in Summer 20 to drive better consultant engagement and build a capability/experience platform that delivers business outcomes.

Maximizing the use of Assignment Searches

How are customers leveraging the Assignment Searches functionality in Kimble? In this session, we will highlight the use cases this functionality supports and explore how can this be applied to your business. How can Assignment Search help drive improvements and efficiencies in your business? We will share tips and recommendations for maximizing the use of this powerful functionality.

How Automated Delivery Portfolios can support better Delivery Management

In this session, we will examine how Kimble customers are using delivery portfolios effectively and highlight the benefits they are deriving from the functionality. We’ll also look at some of the latest features that can be used to automate and drive efficient and easy use of delivery portfolios.

Making Plan Management easier, including Delivery Management on your Mobile

How can customers leverage existing and new features of Kimble to make it easier for project managers to manage assignments and detailed plans. In this session, we’ll analyze some of the common challenge project managers face and explore how Kimble can support making their tasks easier. This will include information on how project managers can now leverage Kimble on their mobile devices.

Helping Project Managers Forecast and Manage Change

In this session, we’ll look at how Kimble can help project managers to better forecast and manage change. What are the use cases that customers have leveraged successfully? Kimble will share tips on how to make processes easier while ensuring you have the right governance and support in place.

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Day 3
Financial & Operational Excellence
Day 3 - September 17th
Future Strategy and Overview of Tableau

Join this session to learn about Kimble’s plans for Tableau dashboards. This session will include an overview of how they will integrate into the Kimble / Salesforce environment and a sneak preview of our first Tableau release.

Integration with Adaptors, Connectors & Middleware

How are customers integrating Kimble to their other systems and leveraging the adaptors and connectors available in Kimble? In this session, we’ll tackle some of the tips and considerations for connecting Kimble using middleware and highlight some of the customer success stories and lessons learned.

Integrations to Kimble - Mulesoft Connector w/ Salesforce

A joint session with Kimble and MuleSoft – learn how Kimble can be integrated with other applications using the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. The session will include a demo of the Kimble MuleSoft Connector.

Integrating Kimble with Service Cloud

In this session we’ll explore how customers can leverage new functionality available in Summer 20 to integrate Kimble successfully with Service Cloud. What are the common use cases for integration and what are benefits you can achieve? What are our recommendations for driving a successful process across Service Cloud and Kimble?

What's New in Reporting

In this session we will look at what has been released recently and what is being developed for upcoming releases. How can you leverage some of the enhancements to drive improved visibility and reporting across your business?

Structuring your Kimble Support Organization

This session will cover techniques on how to structure your Kimble Support Organization.

Driving effective Period Close

In this roundtable discussion we will discuss successful strategies for driving an effective period close. What strategies and features are customers leveraging to improve the processes, including time entry, approvals, sales forecasting, delivery management and milestones?

Improved Purchase Order and Invoice Management

How are customers leveraging existing and new functionality to drive efficiency and improvements in the management of purchase orders and invoices? In this session, we’ll look at some of the common use cases and see how can these be effectively supported in Kimble.


This session will cover how to better align current costs, and current exchange rates with your existing financial reporting by using What-If.

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