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Kimble employee spotlight

Kimble Employee Spotlight: Senior Product Manager of Integrations

Kimble PSA is only as successful as the people behind the scenes. In this blog series, we will be getting to know and celebrating Kimble employees — going behind the scenes with the people closest to the Kimble product. In this first installment, we’re spotlighting Hubert James from the Product Management Team, which expanded earlier this year under Chief Product & Strategy Officer Sarah Edwards. 

Hubert James, Senior Product Manager, Integrations:

Question: What is your role at Kimble?

Answer: I have been with Kimble for more than five years. I started as a customer success specialist, collaborating closely with the development team on customer integrations and complex configurations. Now my title is “Senior Product Manager: Integrations”.

Question: What is your educational background?

Answer:  I grew up in inner city Boston but by second grade, my mom got me into a voluntary anti-segregation programme where they bussed kids out to the suburbs and I went out to the town of Concord every day for school.

It is a very green, historic town — with links to poets and artists like Henry Walden (On Walden’s Pond) and Louisa May Alcott (Little Women). I had a good experience there — I played basketball and baseball for the school. But by my later teenage years, I decided I didn’t want all my friends to be in Concord, so I would head back into Boston after class and hang out there.

I then studied electrical engineering at Columbia University (an Ivy League school) – that was my major, but half of my classes were computer science. I was excited to move to New York for college – but ultimately realized that I didn’t really like living in a big city – I prefer more trees and cleaner air.

Question: What do you value in terms of workplace culture?

Answer: Diversity is important to me, both on a human level and on a professional level. I think if you are part of a team where people come from a range of backgrounds and have different perspectives, it encourages you to ask more questions and make fewer assumptions. As a team, you gain a broader understanding of how people think and feel.

It is also important that diversity is more than just a tagline – that it is embedded in the company culture. I am pleased that the Kimble Academy has recently launched a range of training modules on soft skills. One component of that is understanding issues around diversity, equity and inclusion. It is great that Kimble is dedicating resources to making that kind of education available to all employees.

Question: What are you working on right now?

Answer: I am working on a product feature that will make it much easier for our customers to manage their own data migration activities when they implement Kimble, with less reliance on Kimble resources. The new functionality will allow them to be more self-sufficient and as a result, they can become more strategic about the historic data they choose to bring across into Kimble. It is a bit like when someone moves house – the removal guys end up bringing everything, even last night’s pizza boxes. You tend to be more thoughtful when you move yourself.

Question: Do you have a pet?

Answer: We had a dog named Daisy who died 18 months ago. We had to put her to sleep… she was old and sick. Coincidentally, last night when I was putting my six-year-old to bed and she wanted to know exactly how Daisy died — so that turned into a philosophical chat I wasn’t expecting to have right then!

Final Thoughts

Keep your eye out for the next installments in this blog series where we get to know more members of Kimble’s Product Management Team! To learn more about Kimble and find out what customers think, check out independent review site G2.