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Kimble #1 in Customer Satisfaction Among Leading Enterprise PSAs in G2 Grid

“Like untangling a giant ball of knots” – independent reviewers praise Kimble’s “transformational” effect

BOSTON, MA & LONDON, UK — June 28, 2021

Kimble, a global leader in Professional Services Automation, is proud to announce it ranks first among all of the leading PSA vendors for customer satisfaction in the enterprise market. Reviewers on the independent crowd review platform G2 say Kimble’s PSA solution has transformed their businesses, improving predictability, project delivery and profitability.

“We implemented Kimble just over two years ago, and it has quickly become business-critical for us. It’s a one-stop shop for the entire lifecycle of projects,” reports Suzanne H, COO of a mid-market PS business which manages hundreds of projects in Kimble. “We know well in advance when we’ll need people, and our business has become much more predictable.”

COO Matthew S reports Kimble has revealed “the true total cost of running our services business, it’s like we have untangled a giant ball of knots.” Enterprise reviewer Daniel C, a process analyst, writes that “Kimble is great for tracking effort on cases/projects and giving insights to the business.” Having a clear view of time spent on projects and other metrics on reports “allows us to better allocate resources and to make educated business decisions.” Other recent enterprise reviewers write that the business benefits of Kimble have been “overwhelming,” adding that without it “we would make less money.”

Kimble also garners plaudits for its high level of commitment to customer success. “As the person responsible for the operations function of the business, I most appreciate my relationship with our account manager who demonstrates an exceptionally high level of responsiveness, professionalism and commitment” writes one mid-market reviewer.

Kimble CEO Sean Hoban said: “I am delighted that Kimble remains highest in customer satisfaction. Our core value at Kimble is our commitment to customer success. We have now built up hundreds of reviews on the G2 site and I would encourage anyone interested in Kimble to read what our customers have to say, in their own words, about their experiences with the product and with the company.”

Additional Q2 2021 G2 Reviews:

“Improving PS team processes through Kimble”

“Kimble has enabled our PS team to take control of our business and give us insights we never had before. The ability to assign resources with confidence has been the single biggest improvement to our department’s efficiency”

– Joseph G, Director of Professional Services, mid-market reviewer, June 2021

“The right solution for our team”

Kimble “lets our users log their time easily and the project manager bill that time with efficiency”

– Administrator, enterprise reviewer, May 2021

“Great tool for traditional project management”

“It is a good way to link sales opportunities with projects in our services and support organizations. We are also able to get a lot of data around our resource allocation.”

– Maggie M, Program Manager, enterprise reviewer, March 2021

“A great global PSA solution”

“Kimble PSA allows us to precisely track the occupation and expenses of our consultants making invoicing easier and more accurate.”

– Gregory D, Group CFO, mid-market reviewer, March 2021

“Great PSA tool for the consulting industry that brings your organization to the next level!”

“By using Kimble, we are able to use our resources efficiently, already pre-planning our projects with the right resources to set up the best teams for our clients while managing all project financials in one place…giving us the opportunity to report on issues that really matter.”

– Johannes S, Business Solution Manager, mid-market, March 21


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