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Business As Usual for Kimble Post-Brexit

Kimble and Salesforce have already taken the necessary actions, to ensure the continuity of their services from 1st January 2021 once the UK has left the European Union (EU).

Data Protection Standards

Kimble have an established GDPR programme in place, and are compliant with the UK Data Protection Act 2018.   (Registered with the Information Commissioners Office – Certificate Reference Number ZA306032).

The UK Government intend to keep data protection standards consistent with those required for GDPR beyond the end of the transition period.

Kimble have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and are committed to maintaining the high standards required for GDPR.  They will continue to adhere to any changes required to remain compliant in the future.

Transferring data

Kimble use Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) as the legal basis for transferring data in / out of the EU.   Their obligations as a Data Processor are outlined in a Data Transfer Agreement (DTA), which covers the data subjects, categories of data, types of processing carried out on behalf of Customers (Data Controller).

This is in place for all customers (by default), but a copy of the agreement which can be signed by Customers & Kimble is available on request.  Please contact the Kimble DPO ([email protected]) if you require further details.

Master Subcontractor Agreements

There are no changes required to the Software as a Service Contracts already in place.  The Legal Entities, Jurisdiction and Data Protection clauses will all continue to apply.

Kimble Privacy Policy

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