Kimble Kicks Off 2020 in London and Boston

Kimble Applications’ employees from across the globe assembled at two 2020 kick-offs—in London for the International Division and in Boston for the Americas.

This created an opportunity for people from the rapidly-expanding company to get together and discuss the priorities for the coming year—continuing to work closely with Kimble’s growing customer community, and bringing forward innovation and improvement to help them build on their success.

Attendees discussed the principles and priorities that are part of the Kimble culture—such as taking a “one team” approach, being customer-obsessed, making realistic commitments, being reliable in meeting them, and operating with flair.

In break-out sessions, mixed department and functional groups agreed actions to drive continuous improvements across customer engagement, efficiency, product-training and career development.

Building and Maintaining a Team Culture

Fostering a team culture was a key theme. One popular training session, at the international event in London, illustrated the importance of asking for feedback, through giving groups the challenge of helping someone solve a puzzle that they couldn’t see. After the session, everyone was clearer about the importance of communication and feedback “in the moment”.

Sarah Edwards, Kimble CEO for International, said: “Taking this time was an investment in our people. They are as important as our product.

“Kimble has a great team culture and as the company grows we need to ensure that stays at the heart of everything we do, and extends to our relationships with our customers.

“It’s clear, both from our conversations with customers and the reviews on G2, that people value Kimble PSA not just because it is a great product designed specifically to meet the needs of services organizations, but because of the consistent support they receive.”

Sharing the Vision

At the US event, there was an emphasis on learning more about the work of other teams and departments and getting together in cross-functional groups to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the year ahead.

Daniel Keating, Kimble President of Americas, said: “All the Kimble employees from our five US offices attended the Boston event. Because we have been expanding so rapidly this was the first time many had attended a whole team event like this.

“It was a great opportunity to make sure that everyone is on the same page and shares the vision of how we intend to provide value for our customers, not just over the next year but over the next decade.”

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