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Best of the Best to Maryville Consulting Group

Boston, Massachusetts
February 3, 2020

Kimble Applications, the global leader in professional services automation (PSA) software, congratulates customer Maryville Consulting Group for their achievement in ranking on the SPI Research international ranking for the “Best of the Best” consulting organizations in 2019.

The “Best of the Best” recognition measures PSOs on bottom line financial results, such as profit margins, and also on a breadth of leadership metrics. These measurements reveal exceptional performance across five critical service performance dimensions: leadership, client relationships, human capital alignment, service execution, and finance and operations.

SPI’s extensive annual survey, the PS Maturity™ Benchmark, revealed top performers like Maryville Consulting Group grew both revenues and new jobs at almost twice the rate of average firms. On average, companies on the list augmented their consulting workforces by 14.4% compared to 8.7% for average firms. Their revenue growth was even more impressive, eclipsing average firms by 90%. They were significantly more likely to deliver mission-critical projects on-time to satisfied clients with 25% more reference clients than typical consulting firms.

Maryville Consulting Group is a management consulting organization that helps companies transform into technology-enabled businesses. In 2019, Maryville Consulting Group celebrated its 25th year of enabling Fortune 500 client success across the globe. A focus on strategy, execution, and engineering services brought organic growth of over 20% to the group’s consulting team, revenue, and earnings.
Kimble founder and CMO Mark Robinson said:

“Congratulations to Maryville Consulting Group for being one of the named companies on this prestigious list. We look forward to continuing to work with them towards even greater success in 2020 and beyond.”

Download the full SPI 2020 Benchmark Report , which normally costs $1,995.00, for free below:

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