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ANZ Customer Meet-Up: A Focus on Reporting

Positive feedback from the first Kimble Meet-Up in ANZ


Clients travelled from all parts of Australia to attend Kimble’s first ANZ customer meet-up, which was hosted by Tquila ANZ at their Sydney office.

The feedback from attendees was very positive. Several said they identified additional features in Kimble they weren’t aware of which could be utilised by their businesses. They also said they value the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other customers.

Customers contributed to lively discussions in the first half of the day, on diverse topics including reporting, support and resource scheduling, followed by lunch and complementary training on enhancements and key features in the current version of Kimble.

Most people indicated that they hope these meet-ups will become a regular occurrence – and we are planning to host another in Autumn 2020.

Enhanced Reporting is a Key Benefit of Kimble

The customer meet-up confirmed my view that consistent and automated reporting is one of the features of Kimble that our customers value most highly and which delivers value to their businesses.

Kimble has around 240 reports out of the box, all designed to be of use to services organisations. So whether our clients want to take a look at utilisation by role, forecast vs actuals, or revenue leakage, they are able to produce automated reports at the touch of a button.

This gives several benefits. The information is produced more quickly, is real-time, is more accurate and consistent. Information can be shared with everyone across the organisation, creating the necessary transparency required for people to make better-informed decisions.

Information can also be shared on an ongoing basis with customers – this can be done automatically through the Kimble Customer Community portal. Our customers say this helps to build trust and a stronger relationship with their customers.

Forecast vs Actuals Reporting Leads to a More Forward-Looking View

One report that is particularly useful to Kimble users is the forecast versus actuals. Attendees highlighted how helpful it is to have relevant real-time and accurate utilisation reports at their disposal to identify the performance of their resources and assess future supply and demand.

Being able to keep tabs on this helps the business as a whole to be more focused on the future and more ready to act quickly to deal with issues as they arise.

The KFIN12 report is a forecast/actual revenue v target report, which summarises Possible (P3), Probable (P2) and Firm (P1) revenues by Engagement typically with timeframes of between 3 months right up to 12 months.

The co-founder of Tquila ANZ, Damian Noonan, said: “the KFIN12 report is the only report we utilise to review our business performance and is the source of truth”. The CFO, Mel Norman, added: “I review it daily if not bi-daily”.

Consistent Reporting Helps identify Trends

Having been on the other side of the fence as a manager in a services organisation, I have experienced at first hand the challenge of trying to manipulate spreadsheets to produce reliable data about business performance. Doing this is complex and time-consuming – and it creates issues over consistency. I had a certain way of pulling together each spreadsheet – but other people would approach it differently.

Businesses which rely on these kinds of reports run the risk that when key people are out, the reports are going to be produced differently and the results might look different too. That can make it difficult to compare – when you are looking for trends in your data, you don’t just want to be able to see whenever Luigi was on vacation! It is trends, more than single points of data, which help to steer the business in the right direction.

The meet-up was a great opportunity for all of us in the Kimble ecosystem to deepen our understanding of the challenges and opportunities services organisations face today and how Professional Services Automation can lift performance. Thanks to all of our customers who attended – and of course to Tquila ANZ for hosting.

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